Our "True North Process"

The best European technology + the premiere hop growing region in the world = superior hops for craft beer

The Pacific North West region has long been recognized for its unique hop growing terroir, which when combined with an amazing climate, creates the perfect environment for hops. In collaboration with our partner farmers, BC Hop Co harvests and processes Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and Cashmere varieties and will soon release our own trademarked hop variety. 


A critical start, great growing conditions and efficient harvesting is only 50% of the process necessary to create the best hop product for brewing great beer. The remaining 50% is in the downstream processing. 


Traditional large scale processing involves hundreds of thousands of pounds of hops being dried over direct fired furnaces where exhaust fumes mingle with the hop oils. They are then conditioned on open concrete floors and can take up to 3 days from harvest to baling. BC Hop Co searched the world to find the best in class processing technology available.


After exhaustive research and investigation, we settled on Wolf Manufacturing in Geisenfeld Germany as our supplier. This European technology uses indirect heat, a more rapid drying process, and air conditioning to bring the hops into final baling condition all in less than ONE day from harvest. This more gentle process preserves not only a greater volume, but also a higher quality of the coveted essential hop oils resulting in a more `near to fresh` hop at the end of our process. 



There are literally dozens of ways to reduce or destroy the quality of a final hop pellet. Recognizing the important end processes of pelletization and cold storage, we work with a world class storage facility to ensure that our hops never experience a significant change in temperature. 


BC Hop Co has chosen to work with an international best in class hop pelletization facility that testing proves retains nearly 100 % of the pre-pelletization characteristics of the dried hop allowing for the fullest possible transfer of quality from field to brewers.


We are confident that our Pacific Northwest terroir, European processing, and the best possible pelletization process is a combination you can’t find anywhere else in the world.