With well over 150 breweries currently operating in British Columbia, craft beer, the burgeoning hop industry and

BC Hop Co are making news.

94% of world’s 19,000+ breweries are craft, says new survey from The Brewers Journal and Alltech

According to a new survey released by Alltech and The Brewers Journal, the number of breweries worldwide has surpassed 19,000, representing 209 countries and territories surveyed.

Beer hops making a comeback in the Fraser Valley!

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. – On land that used to be home to dairy cows, there is a new sight that is another symbol of a booming local industry.

There's a new harvest festival to look forward to in October--and it doesn't involve apples or pumpkins. Instead, the inaugural BC Hop Fest marks the hop harvest. 

BC Hop Fest Insider Q&A

Did you know: we’re now a month away from the 3rd Annual BC Hop Fest, BC’s only fresh Hop festival, to be held Saturday Sept 30th. What’s Brewing has been to both previous Hop Fests, and we can vouch for this event. It’s a unique festival in that it’s on a hop farm, and featuring at least three dozen different fresh hopped beers (which are amazing) along with many other beers on offer.